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Totally love it!!! 



I love the product design and the quality is exceptional. This is by far one of the best hand-crafted bracelet I've tried. Would recommend it to my friends. Thanks Frejadesigns! :)


This is going to be 


This is going to be my favorite scarf of all time!


Absolutly lovely


This wrap was beautiful and is going to be my favourite!




I got this one just in time for Christmas and it was beautiful. The quality of the product is great, delivery was fast and it looks amazing! I'm a Frejadesigns fan!


If you looking to show SOME skin this Cardigan Poncho is perfect ;0))  

By ~jayMerS~ on November 25, 2015

This Cardigan Poncho is in fact long. I absolutely love the fact the it can ge worn in different ways to change the outfit some. it can be worm from side to side or back to front. Both ways looks great! Its a sheer color that will go with just about any outfit. Great for a strapless dress that is pictured here. A thin strapped tank top and some holy jeans with a cute pair of heels.PERFECT! The possibilities are endless! The material is really stretchy and easy to clean.Simply wash and leave out to air dry.  If you want to show off some skin but not too much this Cardigan Poncho is perfect for dressing up any outfit! I received this item in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. Opinion are solely my own.



By Crystal on December 13, 2015

This poncho by FrejaDesign is a really unique piece. I have never owned such a versatile accessory before this one. It is both stylish and sexy. I have worn it a couple times already as a shawl and also as a scarf. It is made of this nice stretchable fabric that feels nice and breathable on your skin. I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.


Very unique! 

By Elena on November 16, 2015


This is a very interesting poncho. I've never seen anything like this, but it is a very versatile item. It is made out of a very stretchy material and the way it's made, it can be stretched a lot. Women of different shapes and sizes can enjoy it, It can be used for a casual wear as a light poncho or you can wear it for a night out with a black or silver tank top underneath to create a sexy look. It can also be worn as a scarf. The color is very neutral and will match a lot of clothes that I already own. I received this product at a promotional price for testing and reviewing purposes.


Love this poncho  

By Chusie63 on November 11, 2015 

Well I use to work in retail so I know about this sort of thing.And this is a very versatile piece of clothing.You can wear it with about anything you choose.You can dress it up to go out for a fancy night on the town or you can put it over a tank and a pair of jeans and call it good... I have worn once similar to this to work at my store over more then spaghetti strapped shirts when I needed just a bit more of something to cover me up. I am not one to show much skin and this gives you the that options of making one think you are showing more then you really are. I love the color cause it too will go with almost everything. Being the Manager of a retail store gives me a bit of knowledge of how these are suppose to work and how they are suppose to cover and this does just what it is suppose to do.I would recommend this to anybody looking for that just a bit more... I love it...I got my granddaughter to model it for me... I received this deeply discounted for my honest unbiased review. My reviews are all my own and I receive no compensation for them.