Jewelry You Can Wear Every Day With Confidence

Monica Williams

Posted on February 01 2016

Jewelry You Can Wear Every Day With Confidence



They say that diamonds are every woman’s best friend, and in line with this many women love nothing more than carefully selecting a piece of beautiful jewelry. Whether it is a necklace, bracelet, ring or a set of drop earrings, irrespective of its material - gold, silver, diamonds, or a precious gem - there are styles, designs, colors, cuts and settings to suit every women’s personal preference.

So fearful that something will happen to the piece – damage, loss, wear and tear – many women choose toonly wear their jewelry on special occasions. After a wedding, dinner party, gala dinner or work function, items are often carefully removed and placed back into a soft velvet case or jewelry box; stored safely away until the next event.

But what if you could select a stunning piece –a ring, for example - and have the confidence to wear it every day – to the office, to school, to a coffee date with friends – minus the concerns that you have about other pieces in your collection?

Well, now you can. Thanks to Freja Designs, you can select from any number of gorgeous rings, all of which you can wear with confidence. The key reason for this is that the team at Freja Designs has carefully chosen the finest quality Cubic Zirconia stones to include in their pieces.

Let’s talk a little about Cubic Zirconia stones. Cubic Zirconias are manufactured using a synthetic process that involves ZinconiumDioxide. This process delivers aclear and colorless stone that can rival some of the world’s finest natural diamonds.

There are a number of key reasons why Cubic Zirconia stones are fast becoming the stone of choice for designers of beautiful jewelry pieces. For example:

• Each Cubic Zirconia stone is manufactured, which provides you with perfect clarity and a flawless finish (although you can find some Cubic Zirconia stones that have deliberate indentations to emulate the finish of a natural stone),

• Cubic Zirconia stones are an inexpensive alternative to natural stones, meaning that the final piece can be offered for sale at a much lower price,than if natural stones were being used in the setting,
• Cubic Zirconia stones can be manufactured in a range of colors, meaning that they can be used to replicate diamonds or other precious gems such as sapphires, rubies, emeralds, or other stones like onyx.

If you navigate through the Freja Designs website, you will find a number of rings that use Cubic Zirconia stones within the settings. On this page Ring Collection you can explore the:

• Classically styled Round Zirconia Ring in Rose Gold or Silver,


• The Stainless Steel Ring that comes in either Black or Clear Zirconia, or


• Simply stunning Stainless Steel Ring offering a wide band of Black and Clear Zirconia stones.


Some women fear that Cubic Zirconia stones don’t look authentic, or will wear or be damaged easily. In fact, almost the opposite is true. Some key facts that you might not know about Cubic Zirconia stones include:

• Cubic Zirconia stones rate at 8.5 on Moh’s scale, which is the measuring framework used to determine the hardness of a stone (consider that a natural diamond has a perfect rating of 10, meaning that Cubic Zirconia simulated stones are closer to being rated perfect in terms of their hardness than other minerals such as Topaz or Quartz),
• Cubic Zirconia stones weigh more than natural diamonds and can be cut to any shape, which makes them the perfect stone for a raised setting, or where the designer is attempting to build volume in the setting,
• Cubic Zirconia stones are denser, meaning that they pick up the light around them. Clear stones will reflect this color back to the eye,
• Simulated stones can be manufactured in a range of colors or remain clear, making them the perfect option for dress rings or more traditional engagement or wedding rings.


So why would you choose to wear a piece that includes Cubic Zirconia stones rather than genuine natural stones?

Consider the flawless finish, the beautiful way that each stone reflects the light around it, the durability which reduces the risk of damage, and the low cost. Take a wander through the Freja Designs website which you can find at and cast an eye over the beautiful Cubic Zirconia rings. Visually stunning settings and high quality simulated stones all at affordable prices. It will be hard to stop at one. 

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