Moving from Day to Night – Stylish Pieces For Every Women’s Wardrobe

Monica Williams

Posted on February 01 2016

Moving from Day to Night – Stylish Pieces For Every Women’s Wardrobe

Most women struggle daily with determining firstly, what they will wear to work and secondly, how they will transform their look for the evening. The challenge is whether they find an outfit that can transcend both day and evening looks, or whether in fact they need to wear one look and take another look with them.

One of the smarter solutions to this challenge is to make sure that your wardrobe contains key pieces which can easily move from day to night without the need for you to think too much about how you will make that transition as you dash from the office to a bar, or from a meeting to a drinks party.

One of these pieces comes in the form of the Poncho collection by Freja Designs.

The Poncho – Conventional To Sassy All In One

Let’s look at a couple of examples of how a simple but elegant piece can provide you with styling options you might not have considered.

Navigate to and take a look at the Long Charcoal Poncho.


This beautiful fabric piece styles into a classic scarf which can be teamed with a classic suit for office and corporate wear.

But if you dig a little further on the page you will see that Freja Designs has also got you covered when it comes to evening wear as well.

Imagine a poncho that could, in just a few easy twists, transform from a subtle, practical day scarf into a sultry, stunning evening piece.

Enter the Long Poncho in Sand tones.


How can you go past this delicate but alluring design? Offered in both the Sand tone featured above, or the Charcoal tone (featured as the corporate day wear scarf above), this piece is truly versatile with the capacity to be worn two very different ways.

The History of This Clever Wardrobe Item

So how did the poncho arrive as a must have item in every women’s collection.

In fact the poncho or the origins of what we now know as the poncho were worn long ago in the Andes Mountains within South America. The first iteration of the poncho was crafted by the Mapuche people. Known for their exquisite weaving skills, the Mapuche people made ponchos, shawls and other items. Typically designed with a diamond motif, ponchos made during this period early in the 21st century were typically worn by leaders of families as a sign of masculinity, leadership and lineage.

The people of Mexico have worn ponchos for hundreds of years, adopting both pre-Hispanic and Iberian motifs both of which are associated with well-known Mexican symbolism. Mexican ponchos as we know them today come in two different styles:

• Serape – this version of the Mexican poncho is usually brightly coloured and has a fringed edging, often replicating something like thickly woven blanket thrown over the shoulders,
• Falsa – this version of the Mexican poncho is often a much looser weave that its serape poncho cousin, is often thrown softly around the shoulders and does not necessarily use the right colours, fringing or diamond motifs that the serape is known for.

It is the falsa poncho that lends itself to the designer ponchos that we see across the globe today. Having traversed across the globe and landed in the West to great demand, the poncho is now staple item in many collections. Made from a range of soft, silk, cotton and cashmere fabrics, and with a range of textures and prints available, falsa style ponchos are the perfect accessory for all seasons across the year.

Take a little time to visit and explore the poncho options that have been made available by the team at Freja Designs. With some beautiful soft natural tones, bold but muted prints, styling options including short and long pieces and print options including tiger and dragon styles, there is a poncho to suit every woman. Having made your selection you are welcome to return again as the site provides you with some lovely ideas on how you can change up the poncho according to the look you want to adopt.

Lift your look and change up your style from day to night with a little help from the humble poncho.

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