Top 10 Travel Destinations in Asia

Monica Williams

Posted on February 17 2016

Top 10 Travel Destinations in Asia

With any number of beautiful, breathtaking and bustling cities spread across the region, there is a place in Asia for everyone. Consider these must see travel destinations in Asia before you finalize your itinerary.

1. For first time travelers consider Siem Reap, Cambodia. Easy to navigate around, the people are down to earth and welcoming, and temples and ruins of Heritage listed Angkor Watt are fascinating. Visit here for more information on this important UNESCO listed site.


2. If it is a city steeped in tradition you are looking for then Beijing, China must be at the top of your list. Boasting a mix of tradition, culture and contemporary architecture and shopping, this city is perfect for families. Click here to see a list of great places to visit in Beijing, China.


3. For history and culture you cannot go past Hanoi, Vietnam. Take the children on a tour of streets some of which are 1000+ years old, or take in the sights of more than 600 temples and pagodas. For more information on attractions in Hanoi, visit here to get just a taste of what is on offer.


4. High end now takes us right to Tokyo Japan. The home of some of the world’s most beautiful hotels, Tokyo is the place to do business in Asia. But no need to leave the family at home with Tokyo offering endless theme parks. Watch this video review of things you might like to do, visit, and eat during your trip to Tokyo.



5. Families will also love Hong Kong. A mix of old and new, this city allows you to immerse yourself in old world China through Mongkok, combined with new world architecture of skyscrapers positioned along the Harbor. Check out the top attractions in Hongkong here.


6. If you are looking for a blend of east and west then you should add Singapore to your list of places to visit. Beautiful food, views and people, Singapore will open you with open arms as you visit the Zoo, the Gardens and the endless shopping malls. Check the top destinations in Singapore, visit here.



7. Ubud, Bali is the perfect destination for those seeking a little R&R. With numerous spa resorts, galleries and cafes,you will leave feeling completely energized. Just a stone’s throw from the sunset on Kuta beach head back from a day of shopping into the tranquility of the mountains. Just a little sample of the beautiful Bali here.


8. Take in no less than seven world heritage sites in Kathmandu, Nepal. Meet with locals, trek the mountains or purchase cashmere or pashminas by resident artisans. Click here to see a list of things to do in Kathmandu, Nepal. 


9. Phuket, Thailand has a reputation for tourism and it is truly deserved. Boasting more than 15 picturesque beaches this destination will provide lifelong memories for couples. Click here to see a sample of what you can experience.


10. For groups of girlfriends looking to shop until they drop, then Kuala Lumpur is the place to be. Rock bottom prices, and well-appointed resorts adjacent to shopping malls make this the perfect city for girl’s weekends. Click here to check the top places in Kuala Lumpur.

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