Top Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas

Monica Williams

Posted on February 11 2016


Valentine’s Day is a special day on the calendar.  For those who are engaged, married or just madly in love, it is the single most important day to the year.  Roses are purchased, the coach ride is booked and dinner reservations are made. But what will you wear?

On a day as special as Valentine’s Day, one simply does not turn up in something grabbed out of the wardrobe at the last minute.  To look and importantly, feel at your best, you need an outfit that will allow you to raise your head high as you sweep into the restaurant with confidence and poise. 

So what Valentine’s looks are popular this season? When thinking about outfit ideas you may want to consider colour, patterns, and texture. Valentine’s Day 2016 has a little something for everyone.

For example if you are seeking to create a look that says youthful, classic style than you might like to consider a Lace Minidress like the one below. Consider adding a pair of high heeled ankle strap sandals if you are heading out for dinner, or a pair of ankle boots if you are heading to the club.


Or perhaps you are looking to create a bolder statement so that when you arrive for dinner, heads turn, eyes are directed and other women wished that they had had the forethought to try that look.  In this case you might want to consider a Bell-Sleeved Red Dress like the one below. Add a pair black high heeled sandals and a bold signature piece of jewellery and your look is complete.



Sometimes a busy career women who is well drilled in wearing a navy or black pant suit day in day out, is looking for fashion ideas that allow her to enhance her more feminine side.  If this is you, then bold, rich splashes of colour and well-tailored midi dresses like the one featured below, are your best bet.  Teamed with red strappy sandals, or black wedges and a simple black or matching purple clutch, this look will make you feel fun, confident and ready to party into the night with your loved one.


There are two things to remember about Valentine’s Day.  Firstly, you don’t have to wear red – leave that for the roses and table cloths.  Secondly, black might be classic but it doesn’t have to be boring. Take for example, a tight fitting bodice and team it with a shimmered tulle skirt and wide belt, and you find yourself with an outfit that will take you from the rooftop bar for a pre-dinner drink to the small quaint restaurant in the French Quarter.


No matter what you taste in colour, if you prefer patterns of block colour, have a preference for classic over edgy, or fun and flirty over elegant and conservative, or plan to go drinking, dining or dancing, this Valentine’s Day offers plenty of choice when it comes to outfit ideas! 



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